Trusting God in Every Season – A Year in Review

You trusted your time, talents,and treasure to God.
And God used you to answer the prayers of others.

Parents of more than 70 children trust God to help raise their kids in faith and…
…you offer a dynamic VBS, stellar Sunday School, a record-size Lenten Adventure,
Youth Sabbaths, and more.

Refugees from Afghanistan trusted God and…
…you were God’s answer by covering a family’s rent this past year and, in partnership with
7 congregations, furnishing homes and assisted 13 additional refugee families.
Unhoused Neighbors trusted God and…
…you offered 15,000 meals and helped 11 individuals move into their own homes.
Youth groups from across the world came here to learn to trust in God and…
…you witnessed to 1,200 volunteers what it looks like
to be transformed by Christ’s heart for all.
Over 1,800 governmentt supporters and protestors,
many lacking trust in the church, came here and…
…you did not judge politics or religion but opened our doors to all for the Inauguration,
the Women’s March and the March for Racial justice. 
A Pastor in Zambia trusted God to help him educate
32 orphans at the Lord’s Mountain and…
…you became penpals to this isolated village
and then purchased and provided an Electronic Library with over 1000 books.
Young adults come to CHUMC hoping to find purpose and…
…you teach them to trust God’s call, resulting in 1 ordination1 clergy commission,
and 1 new seminarian this year.
You trusted God with your time and to help us grow in our discipleship and…
…over 130 adults grew in faith in 20 studies like Covenant Bible, Reading & Resistance,
 St. Simeon, Living the Questions, and more.
You trust God by opening our church home to all and…
… 2 community pre-schools, 1 non-profit helping 350 impoverished women secure jobs, 
1 job training program helping employ 86% of their “at-risk” youth graduates, 
2 12-Step groups, 1 TransParent support group, 1 Scouting troop
and more do God’s work here everyday!

We do not own nor claim any rights to the song used in the video.
Song: “We Are Called” retrieved from YouTube:
Artist: David Haas
Album: With You by My Side, Vol. 1: The Journey of Life
Released: 2001

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