CHUMC Ministry Fair – Learn About Ways You Can Serve

On Sundays, January 14 & 21, 2018, we will have a ministry fair after Worship where you can learn more about ministries at CHUMC that you could be involved in as well as an opportunity to sign up.  As a preview, below is a list of the various ministries where you could get involved as well as contacts.  So some on the 14th & 21st with questions!

Are You Handy or Creative?

  • Stateside Missions Ministry Team 
    Contact:  Deacon Sam Marullo (
    About once a year, we send a team of volunteers to Appalachia to help repair homes for families in need of dry, safe housing. Projects include installing floors, stairs, drywall, gutters, roofing, drainage, and more. This team is also looking for ways to broaden their scope.
  • Mending Hearts
    Contact: Sue Marullo (
    Join us on the first Saturday of every month in the Parlor to crochet or craft (we will teach you if you don’t know how) scarves, mittens, baby sweaters, neck warmers, prayer shawls, and more for members of our church communities in need of warmth and prayer.
    And join us on the first Sunday in Fellowship Hall to provide minor sewing repairs for our Café community.
  • Trustees
    Contacts:  Deacon Troy Sims ( or Rex Vaughn (
    Trustees look after the building, property, and parsonage including insurance and tenants. You can help by taking part in a Trustees work day to beautify and repair things around the church.

Do You Think Education is Key?

  • Adult Education and Nurture Ministries
    Contact:  Deacon Troy Sims (
    A year-round roster of classes is offered to nurture and foster our spirituality.  You can take part by attending Nurture Band planning meetings, proposing and leading a class based on your passions, support existing classes by your presence, or write a devotional.
  • Children’s Education and Nurture Ministries
    Contact:  Deacon Troy Sims (
    These Include Nursery, Sunday School, Vacation Bible Study (VBS), Special Events (i.e., Lenten Adventure, Fall Carnival, Gift Making Workshop) and more.  You can take part by teaching or assisting in Nursery, Sunday School or Vacation Bible School or by supporting special events by volunteering or providing materials. Young people (grades 3 and older) are invited to participate in the Youth Sabbath worship service the 2nd Sunday of every month.
  • Project Transformation DC
    Contact:  Deacon Troy Sims (
    College-aged young adults in an intentional Christian community lead summer reading programs in under-served DC neighborhoods. Possible opportunities for service include fundraising, supplying books (or running a book drive), reading with children, hosting dinners for interns, or leading CHUMC support.

Are You Concerned About the Unhoused?

  • Adrienne Terry Affordable Housing Program
    Contact:  Deacon Sam Marullo (
    This is a city-wide initiative to confront affordable housing (InspireDC). You could help with grant-writing, board development, or fund-raising for InspireDC.  
  • Gerard House
    Contact:  David Kennedy (
    This Deanwood-area house supports a mother and three children as part of the church’s solution to the city’s homeless problem. Stay tuned to CHUMC’s affordable housing initiative and other opportunities to engage.  
  • Housing Justice Ministry
    Contact:  Pastor Alisa Lasater Wailoo (
    This is a new ministry of CHUMC deciding how to best meet the housing needs of our unhoused neighbors. 
  • Welcome Baskets
    Contact:  Barbara Noe Kennedy (
    We prepare welcome baskets for our friends who have recently received housing. Baskets include an assortment of simple house supplies including shower curtains, towels, potholders, etc that you could help provide

Are Families and/or Kids on Your Heart?

  • Backpack Drive
    Contact:  Amy Salunga (
    We provide low-income children with backpacks filled with back-to-school supplies.  You can help by participating in organizing, raising awareness, and receiving donations. You can also purchase backpacks and supplies yourself or make a financial contribution.
  • Children’s Education and Nurture Ministries
    Contact:  Deacon Troy Sims (
    These Include Nursery, Sunday School, Vacation Bible Study (VBS), Special Events (i.e., Lenten Adventure, Fall Carnival, Gift Making Workshop) and more.  You can take part by teaching or assisting in Nursery, Sunday School or Vacation Bible School or by supporting special events by volunteering or providing materials. Young people (grades 3 and older) are invited to participate in the Youth Sabbath worship service the 2nd Sunday of every month.
  • Easter Baskets & Easter Party
    Contact:  Stacey Baxter (
    Easter baskets are created for DC families and presented at the annual Easter Party here at CHUMC.  Take part by shopping for and putting together the baskets, or you could help by organizings, planning, and / or setting up and taking down for the Easter party. 
  • Refugee Assistance Ministry
    Contact:  Brendan Danaher (
    We are sponsoring a refugee family from Afghanistan and working with other faith communities to support additional refugee families.  You could help with transportation, employment, child care, social activities, and fundraising for refugee families in the DC area.
  • Stocking Project
    Contact:  Kirsten Gullickson (
    We create stockings for at-risk families identified by Capitol Hill Group Ministry.  Join us in making stockings the first Fri and Sat in December or make a financial contribution.
  • Thanksgiving Baskets
    Contact:  Stacey Baxter (
    We prepare Thanksgiving dinner baskets for families in the DC area.  You could be one who shops, organizes team to put together the baskets, and / or delivers the baskets to Capitol Hill Group Ministry.

Are You Interested in Serving Our Seniors?

  • STARs (Seniors with Transportation and Access Restrictions)
    Contact:  Carol Anderson (
    Celebrate our STARs with gifts of time and attention. Support them with calls, visits, cards, offers to do small chores, delivering gifts and cards from the church, and / or sharing their news and stories and CHUMC news and stories with them.

Are You Interested in the Environment?

  • CHUM Garden
    Contact:  Carol Anderson (
    We maintain CHUMC’s yard and gardens through the seasons. Help with pruning, weeding, beautification, and planting. 
  • Green Team
    Contact:  Are you interested in being the leader?
    Help organize CHUMC to be as green as we can be and initiate other green projects while raising awareness.

Are You Interested in Food & Friendship?

  • Baking Hands
    Contacts:  Heather Calhoon ( or Stacey Baxter (
    Baking Hands uses gifts of food to cook and bake to provide hot food, baked goods, and other delicious items as an expression of love, serving our community of care. Join us (typically Saturday mornings) in making cookies, preparing food for a funeral repast, or casseroles for our STARS or Our Daily Bread.
  • CHUM Café
    Contact:  Teri DeVoe (
    Every Sunday we serve a hot lunch to housed and unhoused neighbors in Fellowship Hall. On Saturday mornings we pick up donated groceries for the meals. Could you help pick up groceries, prepare a meal, serve, clean up, and socialize with guests?
  • CHUM Café Grocery Gatherers
    Contacts:  Teri Devoe ( and Hunter and Mary Beth Pavlik (
    Our Café team has established some great relationships with Hill markets, who graciously donate produce, bakery goods, and more. Help us pick up groceries on Saturday mornings from our various food benefactors.
  • CHUM Café Special Events
    Contact:  David Kennedy (
    We enjoy hanging out with our unhoused friends at the annual Nats outing as well as the annual Superbowl party.  You could help to organize, lead, and participate as needed. For Super Bowl, you could bring food as well as help set up and clean up. 
  • CHUMC Hospitality
    Contacts:  Sarah Price ( and Laura Forsythe (
    We provide food and hospitality for special CHUMC events—parties, marches, funerals. Depending on the event, you could help provide food and help with set up and clean up.
  • CHUM Women
    Contact:  Carol Anderson (
    We gather for coed/family evenings that deepen connections and help us serve those in and outside our walls. In the process, we enjoy potluck dinners, music, and conversation. Could you suggest program ideas, bring food or beverages, provide a devotion, share musical talent, promote events, offer rides, or invite others. The Police Valentine Tribute and Café Christmas are two special annual events.
  • Fellowship Hosting
    Contact:  Sarah Price (
    CHUMC’s Fellowship, following Sunday worship, offers snacks , punch, and provides a place for CHUMCers to chat. You could host Fellowship after service on a regular basis (one or more Sundays a month) or as on an occasional basis.
  • Our Daily Bread Breakfast
    Contacts:  Rob Farley ( or Margot Eyring (
    We serve a hot breakfast in the Fellowship Hall to any and all, and Bible study takes place on Wednesdays. Help by preparing a meal, serving, cleaning up, or socializing with guests.

Would You Enjoy Serving at Sunday Worship?

  • Altar Guild
    Contacts:  Josh Turner ( and David Taylor (
    We prepare the altar and Sanctuary to help communicate the theme, Scripture lesson, and church season for worship. You could create designs for the Sanctuary, develop sermon series promotions or visuals, and help set-up for sacraments.
  • CHUMC Choir
    Contact:  Jon Kalbfleisch (
    We provide musical offerings for Worship from September to May. Join us Sundays for rehearsals at 9:45am in the Choir Room.
  • Adult Sunday School
    Contact:  Keri Maloney (
    Every week we discuss and pray upon the Sunday Scripture readings to be used in Worship. You could volunteer to lead us one (or more) Sunday(s).
  • Sunday Morning Ushers and Greeters
    Contact:  Margo Jacobs (
    A team of four welcomes Sunday morning worshipers, distributes bulletins, serves as Acolyte and Crucifer, assists with offering, and creates a general sense of welcome for all guests. Could you help on a regular or occasional basis?
  • Sunday Morning Offering Counters
    Contact:  Liz Craddock (
    Counters keep track of the weekly collection. Could you join?
  • Worship Planning
    Contact:  Josh Turner (
    We meet every few months to plan worship, including major sermon series and seasons of the church year. We also help ensure that the sanctuary is ready for worship each Sunday. Want to join the team?

Are You Called to Serve Beyond Our Church?

  • Community Outreach
    Contact:  Kirsten Gullickson (
    Our calling is beyond our church, to serve in our community. Several times a year we participate in events like the Capitol Pride Parade and Barracks Row Festival. Help us with set up and participate in the events as a representative of CHUMC, whether that’s parade marching or working our booth.
  • Lord’s Mountain Orphanage in Zambia
    Contacts:  Kelly DeLoach ( and Barbara and David Kennedy (
    We support over 35 kids at Lord’s Mountain in Zambia. We also promote Imagine No Malaria. Could you:  support the August 2018 Mission Trip to LMO; be a pen pal to one of the LMO kids; or assist with building an electronic library?

Are You Called to Advocate for Change?

  • Anti-Racism & Allyship Work
    Contact:  Pastor Alisa Lasater Wailoo (
    Under the mentorship of Service Never Sleeps, we are a group of people who meet monthly to identify and directly address specific issues of injustice in our community. You could take an “Ally ship Training” and then join our monthly meetings and grassroots efforts.
  • LGBTQ+ Inclusion
    Contact:  John Thornburg (
    Our Denomination is struggling to become a fully inclusive church. Uniting Methodists is one grass-roots effort CHUMC is seeking to support as they work for change. Opportunities are still developing.

Additional Serving Opportunities

  • Covenant Care Ministry Team
    Contact:  Abby Wright (
    We care for CHUMC members during joyful and difficult times. Participate by sharing prayer requests via email; visiting homes and hospitals; sending cards; making phone calls of support; arranging transportation; and making food and or delivering food.
  • Finance
    Contact:  Kate Miller (
    We oversee CHUMC’s financial matters, and we are looking for people who may have helpful financial skills.
  • Mercy Corps
    Contact:  Carol Anderson (
    We prepare the repasts for families and friends after memorial services. Could you be on a call list to help provide food, set up, and / or clean up as needed?

Good Connecting Opportunities

  • Dinners for 8-ish
    Contact:  Deacon Troy Sims (
    Get connected with other members of CHUMC over rotating dinners at each others’ homes or restaurants through the year. 
  • Men’s Bible Study
    Contacts:  Michael Jackson ( or David Kennedy (
    Join us for a bi-weekly gathering of CHUMC men to study Scripture and share fellowship over coffee and donuts.
  • TnT (Twenty and Thirty Somethings)
    Contacts:  John Thornburg ( and Kelly DeLoach (
    CHUMC’s TnT-ers meet regularly for fun events and a monthly study to help us grow in the church. Join us!

How Are You Being Called?

  • What is your gift?
    Listen to what is on your heart and bring that ministry to CHUMC! The possibilities are endless!
    Contact Deacon Troy Sims ( or Barbara Noe Kennedy ( to start a new ministry.

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